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Our Wood

Wood is both a sustainable and a renewable source of heat, and a greener alternative to oil, coal and gas. Here at L A Kiln Dried Logs, we understand the importance of renewable energy sources. That’s why all our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. We care about the future of the planet and the importance of maintaining forests for the generations to come. 

We also dry our sustainably sourced hard and soft wood in our biomass boiler aiming to create a cleaner, greener fuel.

Why choose our wood? Because it’s kiln dried.

All wood has a moisture content, the lower the moisture content, the more efficiently it will burn. Burning logs with a high moisture content isn’t good for two main reasons. The first, the high moisture content causes more pollution to the atmosphere when the log is burnt. The second, due to the moisture the log will not burn efficiently. This means more logs are needed or additional fuels (such as coal) are required. Costing more money in the long run and causing more pollution.

Because our logs are kiln dried, the moisture is significantly reduced. Meaning you receive better value for money, with each log giving you a hotter, longer, more efficient burn, which is also better for the environment. By kiln drying the logs, tar and soot are removed at drying point. This giving you a much cleaner fuel, meaning a cleaner fireplace, less chimney sweeps and a significant reduction of damage from burning to you chimney and flue.

Our logs are perfect for log burners, open fires, chimineas, pizza ovens and fire pits. They’re cut to the perfect size and available in different species and quantities – check out our SHOP page for all options. Delivery is available on all orders over £60 (click and collect available for smaller orders), plus local delivery is free! Check to see if your postcode is in our free delivery radius here.


Our Wood - L A Kiln Dried Logs, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria


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