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01229 227745
01229 227745
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What are the size of the logs?

We aim for a consistent 8inch log which is ideal for both large and small fires.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Weekend deliveries are not a standard but we can try and accommodate on request.

What are delivery options?

A minimum spend of £60 for Free Local Delivery (see free delivery postcodes here) or Shipping by Courier. Any orders under £60 can be placed by choosing the option Click and Collect for free collection from our yard – address here.

When drying logs for firewood what is the optimum moisture content?

The optimum moisture content for drying logs is below 20%. Logs do not need to have uniform moisture content from the outside through to the centre of the log. There is a big difference when drying logs for firewood as compared to drying wood for the manufacture of joinery products, wooden flooring or furniture etc., In order to avoid degrade in these types of products more care and time must be taken when drying. For example, drying a 2” thick Oak board for joinery products etc., uniformly and without degrade can take five to six weeks. This would not be economical when drying logs for firewood. A log drying program taking 3.5 days would result in the outer layer of the log or first 25mm reaching a moisture content of 12% to 15%. However, the core of the log could still be around 20% to 25% moisture content, but as this is only a small area of the log the average moisture content of the log would be considerably lower than 20%.

Do we need to be home?

It is not essential for you to be home for delivery as long as good clear instruction has been left for the delivery. But please note we cannot predict the weather nor can we be responsible for logs left outside, however we are more than happy to cover them up on request and when a appropriate cover is left out.

Do you need the bag returned?

We don’t need them back if you have a better use for them, we are however more than happy to collect them on our next visit or you can drop them to our yard if you would like.


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